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Old Reels .com has been created to provide information for anyone interested in learning about antique fishing reels. Hopefully, you will be able to find the answers to many of your questions on this site. These answers will allow you to enjoy your collection, your yard sale find, or just your "grampa's antique fishing reel" to the fullest. .

There are the following sections to this web site:
bulletInformation. Take a look here to see if you can find answers to your questions about antique fishing reels. This section is full of general information about collecting and collectible fishing reels.
bulletReel Memories. This section is devoted to exploring the writings of the 1800s, so that we may learn how our reels were developed. There is also a gallery of advertisements from old magazines. This section will be added to as time allows.
bulletBuy & Sell. There are some reference books that should help reel collectors listed on this page. Occasionally I have some excess reels, or other fishing collectibles, for sale. I have been collecting prints, calendars, and postcards of lady's fishing for many years. Due to current demand for these prints, I have produced some limited edition prints of some of my favorites. See them here. I also have some of the items that I am looking for listed in this section
bulletNeat Stuff. This section shows some things that I think are pretty neat. These are things that I collect or am interested in learning about. I hope you enjoy looking at them. Maybe you have something that is similar.

New Book
Shimano Bantams - The 1st 15 years

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