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2000-2009 Phil White

Generic Reels

Here is an alphabetical list of Generic Reel Names, and the manufacturers that made them - if known:

bulletAbbey Casting - Montague RP reel
bulletAcme Casting Reel - Montague multiplier
bulletAdirondack - Montague fly reel
bulletAjax - Pflueger RP reel.
bulletArmax - Winchester generic brand name.
bulletArrow - Montague RP reel
bulletAtlantic Surf Casting - Montague SW reel
bulletAtlas - Pflueger RP reel.
bulletAvalon - Montague SW reel
bulletBadger - Montague casting reel.
bulletBarney & Berry - Winchester generic brand name.
bulletBeaverkill - Montague fly reel
bulletBlack King - Montgomery Ward LW reel that looks like it was made by Shakespeare
bulletBlackstone - Montague NLW casting reel
bulletBlue Heron - Montague multiplier
bulletBrook - Montague fly reel
bulletBu-Rem - Montague Ky. style multiplier
bulletCatalina - Montague SW reel
bulletCatskill - Montague fly reel
bulletChallenge - Montague Casting Reel
bulletChief - Montague RP reel
bulletClimax - Montague RP reel
bulletColumbia - Montague fly reel
bulletCongress - a 1903 TM of Supplee Hardware of Phila.
bulletCongress Tournament - Montague Casting Reel
bulletConway Special for Marshall Field - Montague Casting Reel
bulletCoronado - Montague SW reel
bulletCrown - Montague fly reel
bulletCrusader - Winchester generic brand name
bulletDefiance - Montague multiplier
bulletDuplex Bass - Montague multiplier
bulletElite - Montague multiplier 
bulletExpert Casting Reel - Montague Casting Reel
bulletExpert Tournament - Montague Casting Reel
bulletFox Lake - Montague fly reel
bulletFreespool - Montague SW reel
bulletGulf - Montague SW reel
bulletHermos - Ocean City trolling and SW reels
bulletHuron - Montague fly reel
bulletIdeal Casting Reel - Montague multiplier
bulletIndian - Montague RP reel
bulletJamaica Bay - Montague SW reel
bulletJupiter - Kentucky style reel by Horton, Heddon, Montague, Talbot, or whoever you wish to attribute it to.
bulletKingfisher - A trademark of Edw. K. Tryon. Many reels by various manufacturers.
bulletKosmic - US Net & Twine and Montague
bulletLakeside - Montague Multiplier
bulletLatno No. 3620 - LW reel made by Shakespeare (?)
bulletLeader - Montague multiplier
bulletLexington - Montague Casting Reel
bulletLincoln - Montague Kentucky Style Reel
bulletLouisville Casting Reel - Montague Kentucky Style Reel
bulletMajestic - Montague multiplier
bulletManco - Montague Casting Reel
bulletManhattan - Montague multiplier
bulletMeteor - Montague multiplier
bulletMusky King - Montague small SW reel
bulletMatchless Casting Reel - Montague multiplier
bulletMegantic - Montague fly reel
bulletMiami - Montague SW reel
bulletMiles Bay - Bronson(?) LW casting reel
bulletMinnetonka Jeweled - Montague multiplier
bulletMonarch - Montague Kentucky Style Reel & SW reel
bulletMontauk - Montague SW reel
bulletMultiplying - Montague multiplier
bulletNeptune - Montague Kentucky Style Reel
bulletNeptune Expert - Montague Casting Reel
bulletNevermiss - Montague multiplier
bulletNew Record Casting Reel - Montague multiplier
bulletNorka - Pflueger Kentucky style casting reel
bulletPacific Surf Casting - Montague SW reel
bulletPennell - All types of reels made by many manufacturers. Montague, Meisselbach, Ocean City, Bronson.
bulletPerfection - Montague Casting reel
bulletPortola - Montague multiplier
bulletPremier Casting Reel - Montague Kentucky Style Reel
bulletProfessional - Montague multiplier
bulletQuadruple - Used by several manufacturers; Pflueger, Montague, 
bulletRed River Reels - Bronson LW baitcasting reels made for Western Auto Stores.
bulletReliance - Montague Multiplier
bulletRich-Con (Richard & Conover) - Montague Multiplier
bulletRoyal Casting Reel - Montague Multiplier
bulletSt. Claire - Montague Multiplier
bulletSt. Lawrence - Montague Multiplier
bulletSt. Louis Casting Reel - Montague Kentucky Style Reel
bulletSpecial - Montague Multiplier
bulletStandard - Montague Multiplier
bulletSunapee - Montague Fly reel
bulletSurf Casting - Montague SW reel
bulletTampa - Montague SW reel
bulletTampico - Montague SW reel
bulletTournament - Used by several manufacturers; Montague
bulletTrail Salmon Reel - Montague fly reel
bulletTribune - Montague Casting reel
bulletTrout - Montague fly reel
bulletTyee Tackle - Montague multiplier
bulletV. L. & A. Special - Montague casting reel
bulletVacation - Montague NLW Casting reel.
bulletVelanay - Montague multiplier for V.L. & A.
bulletVenus - Montague multiplier HR & German Silver
bulletVictory Casting Reel - Montague multiplier
bulletWeakfish King - Montague SW reel
bulletWinner Casting Reel - Montague multiplier
bulletWonder - Montague multiplier
bulletWyoming - Montague multiplier



Here is a list of some of the "generic" names used on reels, and who manufactured the reel, when known. 

If you have a reel, with no makers name that is not listed here, I'd appreciate it if you would email Old Reels


About Pennell

Pennell was a trademark registered by E. K. Tryon, a sporting goods store in Philadelphia. They did not manufacture reels. 

Pennell marked reels were manufactured by various manufacturers, and just stamped with the Pennell trademark.



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