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2000-2003 Phil White

The Hurd Caster & Super Caster

Hurd02.jpg (127984 bytes)One of the classiest fishing innovations of the late 1940's was the rod and reel combination manufactured by Hurd Lock & Manufacturing Co., of Detroit, Michigan. The sleek design and quality workmanship is still appreciated today by reel collectors.

The Hurd Caster was the inexpensive version of the Super Caster. It featured a plastic grip and collet type rod attachment. Although this combo was lower priced at $27.50, compared to the $45.00 for the Super Caster it must not have been a big seller. This version is much tougher to find today, and commands the higher price for collectors.  You can see both versions by clicking on the advertisement.

The Hurd Combos just came at the wrong time. After World War II, spin fishing swept the country, and many bait casting outfits were hung in the garage for the next 20 years. The Hurd Super Caster died a slow death due to the fixed spool reel revolution, and many post WW II innovative casting reels disappeared.

The Hurd Caster seems to be currently selling in the $200 range if in EX condition with the case, and the Super Caster in the $150-200 range in the same condition. 


The Hurd Super Caster was one of the classiest fishing  products of the late 1940's. And it is still appreciated today.


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