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2000-2003 Phil White

The Rubber Reel Lady's Reels

In the late 1990's my wife was nick-named "the Rubber Reel Lady" because of her interest in collecting small reels made of hard rubber. Since that time she has gathered a very nice collection of hard rubber and metal reel that are 60 yards or less in size. Unfortunately these reels are now becoming very expensive and the prices have escalated greatly. Here are some reels from her collection. The photos are thumbnails - just click the photo to see a full size picture.

This very beautiful hard rubber and German silver fly reel is a tiny reel by Conroy, Bissett & Malleson. This mark dates the reel between 1875-1881. This is a 40 yd size reel.
A pair of Montague hard rubber fly reels. The rimmed reel is made of German silver. These reels used to sell to collectors for less than $50.
This hard rubber & German silver reel is marked Wm Mills & Son, and was probably made by Conroy or Julius vom Hofe. It is a #4 size reel.



I don't believe that any reel is as beautiful as a black hard rubber and German silver reel. The contrast of the colors is outstanding.

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