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2000-2009 Phil White

Winchester Fishing Tackle, a collector's guide.

By Phil Whitewpe13.jpg (9674 bytes).

A great many people are unaware of the eleven year effort of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company to make a major impact in the general sporting goods business in the United States. From 1920 through 1930 Winchester was one of the major manufactures and retailers of fishing tackle in this country. In this book, author Phil White covers the many aspects of Winchester’s venture into this field.

This book is 100 pages of information that will prove invaluable for the fishing tackle collector, and the Winchester collector. This book delves into the history of Winchester’s involvement in fishing tackle, as well as the many products - from rods, reels, lures, and miscellaneous tackle, to the advertising posters and catalogs, and pictures of some of the finest Winchester tackle collections in the country.wpe14.jpg (9120 bytes)

Illustrated with over 25 black & white photographs and hundreds of line drawings, this book should become the reference book for students of this chapter in the history of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and fishing tackle historians

This book covers the subject completely. Chapters are: The history of Winchester Fishing Tackle; Winchester rods, reels, lures & misc. tackle; Winchester Fishing Tackle advertising; "other" Winchester fishing tackle brands; "show & tell", and a complete appendix.

Winchester Fishing Tackle, a collector’s guide

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